Top Definition
How is it goin?
What up DaWg
de Anonymous 23 Martie 2003
it is the same as whats up
what up dude
de tommy 24 Noiembrie 2002
mean hi
what up dog is u going ovr sierra house tonight
de lil bri-bri 17 Decembrie 2002
a generlaised greeting, can be used in most situations but has only one correct response - i hate bottles
"what up"
"i hate bottles"
de idiot cat 28 Noiembrie 2004
ob trice is better than vanilla ice
it is not cos he is wight or his mums a dike or cos he lives in a f##ing slum its cos hes gay and takes it up the ????
de mazzer 01 Octombrie 2003
The most lazy, and unoriginal way to engage a conversation. Used by people who are bored with whom they are talking to, or have nothing else to say.
"Hey man...uh....what up
de Samuek 22 Iulie 2008
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