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To twitter while pooping.
Twitter in the bathroom? Yeah, I was twooping.
de TQuizzle 06 Aprilie 2009
78 13
To engage the method of dance known as twerking while simultaneously defecating.
Miley Cyrus enjoys twerking in public, but has yet to show the world she can really twoop.
de MorgDaddy01 18 Septembrie 2013
6 0
When a person gets pregnant by accident and thinks shit can't get worse but then they find out there is two on the way.
Me: Yo my life blows.
Carl: Why? I thought you were high on life.
Me: I was until I found out me and my girl are havin twoops.
de Da215BigBen 13 Februarie 2010
2 3
Something you tweet about in Twitter, that later becomes a source of embarrassment for you
Sharon has been tweeting about her boss; One of her colleague had seen it and reported to her boss. She had a tough time covering up her twoops
de Santy_India 12 Ianuarie 2010
1 3
To have twin bowel movements, usually without the aid of diarrhea. The movements may be identical or fraternal.
I thought I was done, but I went back to the bathroom and had a twoop.
de The Twooper 10 Aprilie 2009
3 23