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1) When you make so much money you take your girl out shopping and tell her to just throw it in the bag (she doesn't have to ask if he will buy it, or care about the actual cost.)

see Money aint a thing.
a girl u wank to: babe don't I look good in this gucci jeans
myself: *gets off cell, say what? just throw it in the bag~!
de bl1ng 29 Iulie 2009

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it bag in money throw a aint ballin cash da if is! paid a grip sorry stack the thing think throw in bag you
Putting a condom on
boy: should i throw it in the bag or do u want to do it bareback?
de gilliedancer 25 Octombrie 2009
to steal something by opening a bag that you have with you and quickly snatching it
Girl: This shit is so sweet! I really want it, but I don't have enough money.
Me: Just throw it in the bag!
de chimpy2234 08 Iunie 2009