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A thirty pack of beers (thirty rack).
A thirty of natty light's only around $15.
de gus 26 Decembrie 2004
52 20
Marijuana that is not of supreme quality. Not completely shitty like shwag, but definetely takes alot to get you high. Often has many seeds and stems in it.
I'm not going to waste my money on that thirties - it will take four bowls to get me high. Stick with the flame.
de soff-bomb 29 Septembrie 2006
37 19
Week or nasty weed. Comes from 30$ of an 1/8oz.
i coulnd't get that good shit, so smoke these thirtys
de duse 28 Februarie 2005
10 6
A slang term for a hardcore porno movie. Derived from the Roman numeral that stands for the rating (XXX).
I was watching a thirty when my dad walked into my room.
de J T Dollar Sign 26 Septembrie 2003
31 36
A "key word" used by modern males to alert one another of an oncoming attractive female.
Hey Joe, thirty!
de Joe Garrett 07 Mai 2004
11 39