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Shortened variation of the ethnic slur Teeper/TPR/Trailer Park Redneck, used to describe a particular breed of White Trash.
The teeps gathered at the Klan meeting to discuss their hatred towards colored folks.

Geoffrey looked quite comparable to a teep when he tardily arrived to the reception in his racquet ball outfit.
de mthw 07 Aprilie 2003
77 18
the discussed or observed behavior typifies a person
Alex: Did Dan make it back last night?
Eric: Yeah at 2:30 AM, soaking wet, with no recollection of the night.
Danny: Teeps.
de 2rocaround 24 Ianuarie 2013
71 70
After masturbating into rolled up toilet paper, the TP that remains stuck to the tip of one's penis upon waking the next morning.
Yo this B wasn't puttin' out last nite so i went in the b-room for a jkoff festival. I blew the sexy in some Charmin and woke up the next morning with Teeps all over my ding dong.
de DrDrock 06 Februarie 2010
31 76
A typically small amount of money given to a camwhore or real-life stripper to encourage skin showing.

What a foreign whore on a web-cam site calls what's known in America as tips.

Most of the people who pronounce it in this manner are Romanians.
Lets see some teeps if you want to see my boobs.
de th3_mac 27 Iulie 2010
8 61
old whimpy war cry, still in use cause it's easy to whine and/or scream

Sir Thomas, one who does community service, but only enough to get a blue badge; worth his weight in toilet paper; can make lan cables appear out of thin air.
when he crashed the school server, everyone screamed out Teeeeeeeeeeeeeep's name when they passed him in the halls.
de none 22 Ianuarie 2005
7 63
Slang for toilet paper.
Bubba, fetch me some teep, else I'm gonna have to cut up Mama's curtains.
de Harry flashman 29 Iulie 2003
5 67