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Mean spirited Australian (or at least Melbourne) schoolyard slang to express one's enjoyment over a friends misfortune or suffering. Similar to the German word 'schadenfreude'.
Person 1: Shit man, my...my dad just died!
Person 2: Bwahaha! SUCKED IN!
de Dave 04 Aprilie 2005
80 20
something you would say to someone when they have a misfourtune.
someone would say to a guy (whom they don't like) who's had a accident "ha ha sucked in"
de bread infection 01 Ianuarie 2006
40 17
when you intend to do something for a short span of time, and end up doing it for hours.
I was only going to look up assblaster on urbandictionary.com, but I got sucked in.
de peanut pudding pie 18 Iunie 2010
6 24