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A standing ovation.
Jessica recieved a standing o after singing in the talent show.
de Little-Red 12 Martie 2010

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An orgasm that a woman has whenever she's getting fucked while standing up.
I didn't want to fuck your mom on my bed because I just put clean sheets on it, so I threw her up against the wall an fucked her so hard I gave her a Standing O.
de tonyfamous 16 Decembrie 2010
abbreviation for standing ovation. But doesnt have to be purely about standing and clapping can also just involve an appreciation for something special.
When brownsmoke and twon hittin the clubs on the mike the bubbies are like oh oh standing O!
I was rooting a chick last night and she was blown away and she was like wo wo standing o
de twonnnyyyy 14 Mai 2011