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see cunt, fish mitten, snatch.. etc..
Her squish mitten was drippin after I pulled out my fingers..
de D.J.H. 31 August 2005
172 74
An exceptionally warm and cozy vagina.
That girl's squish mitten felt as good as warm apple pie.
de lambaa 07 August 2008
109 54
a term used when refering to a woman's vagina. see also Quiver Bone
I put my quiver bone in her squish mitten
de otsego 10 Decembrie 2007
106 65
Another name for the vagina. Of course getting its name from the soft squishy feeling, and mitten.... well because things go in there.
After I was done with her squish-mitten, I came in her face.
de iplaywithsquirls 18 Octombrie 2006
27 6
Quite simply a vagina. This comes from how it fits around you like a squishy mitten.
How'd your date go? I beat the squishmitten up all night.
de Lewisville Slugga 25 Februarie 2010
18 3
whisker biscuit
i slapped her squish mitten with my pork sword
de bbc123456 31 Martie 2009
37 27
A woman's Vagina
Girl: Oh honey, suck my tits...

Guy: Ok, but I'm going for the Squish Mitten right after.
de akendall 30 Decembrie 2009
33 24