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A undead Spectre. His name was Hanzo Hasashi and he was once alive and was a ninja in a clan of assassins. He was killed by a rival clan member, Sub-Zero, and was cast into the Netherrealm. He returned to kill Sub-Zero, but later vowed to protect his younger brother in the future. He is not evil, but he is not good, either. Recently was "killed" by being thrown into Shang Tsung's Soulnado and was ripped apart by it's heavenly power.
Scorpion, the ninja Spectre, can use a spear. "Get over here!"
de Valtane 25 Iulie 2003
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A sexual act generally performed by three homosexual men. The first man is the unwitting party or "victim", the second is the man he believes will be having regular doggy style anal with him, or the "scorpion". The third man (or "scorpion tail"), known to the scorpion but unknown to the victim, grips the ass of the scorpion, upside down and facing the scorpion's back, as soon as the second man starts to fuck the first man.

Then, at a time predetermined through some sort of signal (from a code word to something as subtle as a gentle undulation of the asscheeks, perceptible only to the third man whose hands eagerly await the message), the scorpion pulls out and drops (perhaps after ejaculation, in some cases having already pulled out to ejaculate on the victim's back before dropping), and the scorpion tail's erect cock delves hungrily into the victim's ass.

In handkerchief code, or "flagging", of the gay community, this is a black and white bandana covered in scorpions that says "I LOVE SCORPION" on it, left side for the scorpion, right side for a knowing and willing victim (rare, but they do exist) and hanging out the back like a tail for scorpion tails.
"Aaron thought that Tyson just wanted to buttfuck him, but he had no idea I was the tail in that scorpion."
de davethebrave371 09 Octombrie 2009
This German-bred hard rock band became one of the biggest attractions in the 198's heavy metal scene with radio-friendly hits like "Rock You Like A Hurricane," "No One Like You," "Big City Nights" and "Winds Of Change." Founded by shrieking, frizzy-haired vocalist Klaus Meine and flamboyant, spandex-clad rhythm guitarist Rudolph Schenker, the Scorpions have had the honor of having almost as many interchangeable sidemen over the years as Spinal Tap. While most of them have gone on to wallow in rock 'n' roll obscurity (remember "Hermen Z German"? I thought not), the Scorpions have managed to feature some truly great lead guitar players throughout their career--including Rudolph's younger brother, ex-UFO/MSG mad axeman Michael Schenker, the psychedelic and inspired Uli John Roth, and current six-string shredder Mathias Jabs.

The Scorpions began in Hanover, Germany in 1964 as a garage band featuring Meine and Schenker. After several years of playing around Germany, the band broke up due to lack of success. They got back together to record the soundtrack to an obscure movie called The Cold Paradise; it was released as their debut album Lonesome Crow, the band toured to support it, and then broke up again. They reformed, toured again, and finally got a record deal. However, the band members had to fulfill their required time in the German army and the band was put on hold. When they got out, they enlisted the guitar duties of Uli John Roth, as sometimes-guitarist Michael Schenker was recruited by UFO, and recorded Fly To The Rainbow. Several more line-up changes later, the band honed their sound to a definable, sometimes memorable science on their third effort In Trance, the first recording with long-time producer Dieter Dierks. Next came the controversial, but classic Virgin Killer, whose sexist album cover was banned all over the planet. Several albums later, the band hit the big time with their breakthrough '80s classic Blackout. Already a huge live attraction, the band cemented their American stranglehold with the radio staple "No One Like You," the first of many hits to come. Their follow-up, Love At First Sting, was even bigger and featured several radio/MTV hits, such as "Big City Nights" and their anthem "Rock You Like A Hurricane." From 1982 to 1990 the band churned out hit after hit, and dominated the '80s heavy metal movement lead by such acts as Van Halen, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi. The Scorpions were always one of the biggest non-American bands to find multi-platinum success in the fickle American market place. Just when the metal scene started to fizzle out, and the Scorpions' popularity seemed as if it might come to an end, the German warriors came back with their biggest hit yet, "Winds Of Change," a power ballad that capitalized on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Still, after riding the winds of success for a couple of years, the Scorpions' popularity inevitably began to fade. Several more records of metal-lite proved to nail the coffin shut for the German wonderboys.

Continuing to put out albums, the Scorpions are still able to pack houses; it's just that the houses have shrunk from arenas to amphitheaters. Still, for a one-dimensional heavy metal band, they have managed to carve out one hell of a long career for themselves. Always a favorite among heavy metal diehards, the Scorpions will always have the distinction of bringing the world three great guitar players, an anthem of freedom for Berlin, and whole mess of fashion faux pas.
"Winds Of Change" is their biggest hit yet.
de Modjo J. 24 Decembrie 2003
The yellow ninja spectre in the MORTAL KOMBAT video game series, undoubtedly the most popular character in the series.
Everyone says their favorite character is Scorpion.
de Anonymous 23 Iulie 2003
The best rock band ever with kick ass songs like The Wind of Change, Big City Nights, and The Zoo
I saw the scorps in concert on the Unbreakable tour, and it fuckin rocked!
de JunkyardJimbo88 24 Mai 2005
Truly the Best rock band Better Then Whitesnake and Ratt. Here i Am rock you like A hurricane Scorpions Should be inducted into the Rock N roll Hall of Fame in the Future. SCORPIONS FOREVER!!!!!!
Scorpions Fucking Rule!
de Ratt 11 Aprilie 2005
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