A computer program for creating 3D, humanoid models/animations. "Poser" should not be confused with "poseur", they are completely different words and if anyone tells you otherwise they are a poseur.
A poser is also "a question or problem that is puzzling or confusing".
Person A: So did you download Poser yet?
Person B: No way man, Poser sucks! I use 3ds Max.
Person A: Man wtf?! Are you some kind of poseur or something?
Person B: I don't know. That's quite a poser isn't it?
Person A: No! It's not! You're an idiot!
de beatMaster-E 03 Septembrie 2006
someone who trys to fit in with someone or a group of people,labeling themselve like im so punk omg
1) if trying to be a punk they come in with band tee's and Hot Topic pants just to fit in with the punks meanwhile the day before that she liked rap and wore a mini skirt with her uptowns and G-Unit shirt
2) gosh like tomorrow im gonna turn punk and then the next day im gonna be goth and hten im gonna be emo and then im gonna turn gangsta and then ghetto and then im gonna be a thug and then the next day im gonna be a poser and then im gonna turn prep again!! gosh im gonna be so god darn kewl!!
in ex) a girl named andrea will be playing the poser and the punks are gonna be...the punks of course lol

Andrea"omg im so punk when i walk into school tomorrow with my converse and my band tee, even though i dont like the band but im just trying to fit in with all the cool punk kids so i have to look cool and totally punk rawk,my green hair the punk rawkers are ognna wanna be my friend!!"
(the next day in school punks walk up to girl)
Punks "your a poser go back to your freaken mini skirt and uptowns your no punk go home poser"
(later that day at home)
Andrea"omg i dont know what went wrong!!! im gonna be emo now and cry alot now while listening to my emotionless music"
de miss mysterious and lonley 21 August 2005
Someone who claims to be a goth/punk/skater/grunger/whatever without knowing what it is they're trying to become. Anyone who says they do Witchcraft and threatens to cast a spell on you (the rule says: don't threaten, don't warn). Anyone doing anything just to look cool. (Most "punks")
Avril Lavigne was going to do Country music until she was told she wouldn't be sign if she didn't do a "punk act", oh wait, she's not just a poser, she's a sell-out, too.
de Mary 22 Aprilie 2003
Someone who tries way too hard to be something they're not, and at the same time, fails while doing it. :] Which is fun to laugh at.

How Can You Tell Who's a Poser?

Posers usually attempt to listen to whatever-subculture-they-try-to-be's type of music. But usually end up listening to sell outs or poser BANDS. They also buy things people will think are {LABEL}, so people will say, "OMG UR SO {LABEL}!" to them, mainly for attention. They also try to do EVERY EXACT THING one specific label does. ex. Emo - Cut/ Prep - Wear a lot of pink, hate other cliques
These people will also SAY they do these things for... ATTENTION. Most often dress for attention as well.

A very popular label that has many types of posers, is emo. Mainly because of the whole Black Parade Scene. {Dont get me wrong, I love My Chemical Romance} And many think it shows they're cool, or want to look like a "non-conformist". Many can be found on {VampireFreaks].com

Long story short is that posers are sorry excuses for everything. And many just want to look different. Labels are gay things that take people's originality away. There's no use for them, AND PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN TO BE THEMSELVES.
de KiraKira 17 Iulie 2008
People who buy rock and "punk" t-shirts at places such as Nordstrom and Meier and Frank, for $40 dollars, then flaunt them off on their "Myspace".....and call themselves punks and/or rockers.....
*True Story* Poser in a Pink shirt.....
A girl I knew was wearing a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon shirt. (Pink Floyd is my favorite band.) I asked her where she got it. She responded, "Nordstrom, isn't it freakin' wicked?!" (Exact Qoute, just imagine it in a ditsy voice). So I then ask her, "What's your favorite Pink Floyd song?
"Dark Side of the Moon, duh!"
"Song, not Album..."
"It is a song, it says so on the shirt!"
(For those of you who don't get it....there is no Pink Floyd song called Dark Side of the Moon, it's in the lyrics....)
de Chainmail 25 Aprilie 2006
Someone that tries to follow whatever some one else that they admire does. They are fake to them selves. They are something they are not that is whay people hate them. Also because they are extremly annoying. They don't have a life besides being soemthing that is fake. My advice to posers be who you are. If you are really ghetto and trying to follow the HXC style be ghetto. Thats being true to yourself. Dont try to act emo when you really hate it inside. If you feel alone and helpless then try something that you truly enjoy. If the popular Clique in your school is prep and you try to be prep your going to be misrable inside because thats what you are not. Be true to yourself thats the key to happiness.
If yur really and emo kid be an emo kid stop trying to be punk! If you like Good Charlotte like them even though they are poser rock.
de Poser, Fake, Untrue, False 21 Iunie 2006
a word often used by people who are insecure about themselves so they call everyone but themselves and their so called "friends" "posers". in my area, it is mostly used by skater kids whose pants are way too tight to describe someone who wears skateboard shoes (etnies, dc, vans etc) but doesn't skate. by that logic, people who wear running shoes but don't run are "posers", people who wear nike basketball shoes but don't play basketball are "posers", people who wear adidas stan smiths but don't play tennis are "posers", the list goes on. the funny thing is, most of these people who call other people "posers" can't spell poseur correctly. yes, there are people who are, in fact, poseurs, but a lot of the people who get called "posers" don't deserve it.
Situation 1, poseur calls someone a "poser":

Bill: DO U SK8?!!?? UR WEARIN NIKE 6.0'S

Joe: That's none of your fucking business.

Bill: O MY GOD U R A FUKIN POSER!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Joe: Dude, by your logic, people who wear New Balance but don't run are "posers".

Bill: .......

Situation 2:


Samantha: No, you're not a fucking prep, you're a fucking douchebag who has too much money and spends too much money on buying status symbols.

de PureBlueSF 29 Iulie 2008
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