Top Definition
a hybrid character created for winnie and friend fanfiction
poohglet went to the market
de pooh-bear fan 05 Decembrie 2003
a person of diminished mental capacity
don't touch that live wire you poohglet
de power95 24 Septembrie 2003
a bucket of pooh
1. eat poohglet.
2. drink up another poohglet for ya
de Johnny-5 30 Noiembrie 2003
a fubar person
ain't noone that is more poohglet than him
de Jenny Crows 05 Octombrie 2003
oily face
man your face looks like its been through poohglet
de Tacay llaermai 30 Septembrie 2003
A mix between Winnie the pooh and piglet;
a person of retarded intelligence
he can be such a poohglet sometimes
de GXBJB 22 Septembrie 2003
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