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A pretermined lively gathering of 3 or more people at a defined location engaging in various social activies that may include drinking, music, dancing, etc
Hey, the 3 of us should go to this specified location and socialize at this party
de The Scientistss 09 Iunie 2011
booze, blunts an bitchs
de $TWI$TYD$ 06 Iunie 2011
A gathering of more than ten persons with or without alcoholic liquor is deemed to constitute a party.
Porter: You must have filled in 10 million forms to have a party in Caius accommodation.
de Caian 22 Octombrie 2010
When you wake up in the morning with a bottle in your hand and your other down your pants.
tonight? Lets' party.
de compaq 17 Aprilie 2007
A small phrase used to signify about to have some fun. Usually used in a rap tense.
yo its time to P.A.R.T. why? because I gotta.
de Justice 16 Octombrie 2002
Not a verb
Guy: Let's party!

Me: Party is not a verb.
de Party=Verb 31 August 2013
A place where shit goes down and dicks get sucked. Especially when there are intoxicating substances involved.
Let's go to that party.
de sockinthesink 30 Martie 2011