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An older person (used disrespectfully). Usually an old head is in denial about age.
Look at that old head trying to get a job at McDonalds!
de Ami 06 13 Mai 2004
302 171
(adj.) Someone who is older than you (male)
Used in philly.
That's my oldhead Mike right there.
de nwp 23 Iunie 2005
161 42
an older gentleman who sips lean smokes dat super loud and has sex with many women often all at one time. a true OG whos wise to boot. also means old pothead
person 1: watdafuck som oldass nigga jus smoked a pound of loud, popped a molly, and fucked my bitch

person 2: old heads got too much swag. lets hate
de ISmokeCrackAllDamnDay 20 Decembrie 2013
14 7
An old person
That old head is crazy!!!
de Sean M. 10 Septembrie 2002
175 169
Older person who has/still does smoke weed, usually comes from the 70's drug era. Uses odd terminology such as; grass or trees, loves smoking joints, and is a very odd to smoke with in general.
Yo Matt's dad is such an old head, he freaks me out when we smoke together.
de joeblowv1 22 Aprilie 2010
68 90
a person in their late 20's and older that when they smoke weed they take two puffs and theyre done. an older pot head = old head
jimmy and his boy paul were smokin when jimmy's older brother came in took two hits and left jimmy and paul just laughed and said "damn old heads"
de nickyc420do it to it 31 Decembrie 2008
137 172
This is a crusty old hippie that has been hanging around outside of concerts for way too long.
I bet that old head will know where we can score some molly.
de Holdsworth 10 Decembrie 2004
68 150