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A health care professional who has been educated and trained to care for the sick, in hospitals, or other health facilities.

Nurses are assigned to patients in hospitals and look after their physical health (disease prevention and treatment) as well as their emotional and mental health.

Registered nurse (RN): Attended university for three years
(not be comfused with enrolled nurse] or assistant in nursing)
The registered nurse studied at university for three years

The nurse administered the injection to the patient
de ecf 07 Octombrie 2005
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The hottest, sexiest, most desirable of all the possible fantasies involving a woman. There is nothing more kinky than the thought of a stunning girl in a short nurses uniform coming to check up on you every 15 minutes and performing your every whim. Brilliant.
Matt: 'What do you think of Rachael?'
Jim: 'She's a nurse, I'd give my right nut for her in that uniform.'
de Cheesey McCheese 26 August 2006
To hold on to the same beer all night and drink it very slowly, if at all. Can also describe a person who does this often. Frequent nursing has been scientifically linked to membership in the babysitters club.
Ray: "My brother's going to school to be a chef."
Jay: "DUUUUUDE that is SOOOOOO LAAAAAME! Cooking is for girls, man. He must be gay or something."
Ray: "Shut up, man. You shouldn't be talking. It's better than being a nurse like you."
Jay: "What do you mean, dude? I ain't no bitch-ass nurse."
Ray: "Hell yeah you've been holding onto that same beer ever since you got here! Want me to get you a sippy cup for that thing?"
de Nick D 25 Octombrie 2005
1. someone who makes a shitload of money in the health care industry and knows an insane amount of biology, pharmacology, and fucked up radiation spewing, dye-injecting, fluoroscopic, x-ray projecting diagnostic tools.

2. hardcore. not like mrs. forman in that 70s show.

3. a baller

4. a healthcare professional who works in a massive industrial edifice which houses tons of really sick and dying people, scary loud radiation machines, roomfuls of needles, tubes, and bandages, and has a creepy smell. they are usually short-staffed, really sressed out, and are consequently some tough dudes and bitches.
1. in this shit economy i had so much trouble finding a decent job for my over-educated, under-skilled ass. but now that i'm a nurse i'm makin paper. and i can talk a bitch under the table about BIO.

2. nurses always tell me how they went through school with 2 kids so i should be able to. but fuck that cause they barely even knew what DNA was back then. the circulatory system is easy. you should see the shit we need to know NOW.

3. bitch please, i'm 23 and i just bought a house. i'm a nurse.

4. i don't know how you can work in a hospital. they are nasty and they scare the shit out of me. and produce an insane amount of industrial waste. gross.
de orange tea cup 04 Octombrie 2008
" The most trusted professional"

The person that just got paid 30 dollars to save your life,

The person that put those bruises on your chest 5 minutes before you opened your eyes, took your first breath and complained about the bruise on your chest.

The person that stuck your vein with that terrible stuff that burns when you were blue and not breathing.

The person that went 15 hours with no food, rest or toileting to fluff your pillows.

The person that is there to save your ass, not kiss it.

The most unappreciated professional
1. (n) A healthcare professional. 2. (n) An indefinitely short-staffed career. 3. (n) The best career in the world!
He got a job as a nurse to take care of people.
de jesster93 10 Decembrie 2009
To drink slowly. Usually pertains to alcoholic beverages.
So he wouldn't be drunk at the end of the game, John decided to nurse a beer during the 4th quarter.
de T-Mack 25 August 2007

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