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A very versatile word, nibblet has a variety of meanings. Nibblet can mean piece of shit when referring to a person. It can be used affectionately between friends as a term of endearment. It can also be conveniently used as a verb (i.e. "nibbletize").
Joe: Let's go to the mall
John: Shut up, you fucking nibblet.

Sarah: What's up, you nibblet?
Amanda: Not too much, how about you?

Zach: You nibbletizing piece of shit.
Craig: Fuck you, you nibblet-hole!

Wife: Love you, nibblet!
Husband: Don't nibble too hard today, honey!
de IMeanThatOneGuy 05 Noiembrie 2009
38 18
a fuzzy ball shaped animal. They hide in dark places in your house and occasionaly sneek out to steel food.
They are the father of the nibblet family.
Its a flying nibblet!
de general_hamster 10 Martie 2003
38 28
the children of really cool people who listen to jam bands
I am taking my Nibblets to High Sierra Music Festival this July.
de Masemom 18 Februarie 2010
6 2
A person doing something silly, or stupid.
He fell over drunk, what a nibblet.
de MissNicxx 18 Martie 2009
9 7
The definition of tumblr user god--dammit-eren
fucking nibblet
de god--dammit-eren 17 Aprilie 2014
0 0
dog food
let me feed that there dawg some nibblets
de ziggy bird 09 Decembrie 2013
0 0
Derived from the Green Giant brand of corn Nibblets.

Something granular of a whole.
A tidbit
The cliff hanger gave but a nibblet of what was to come.
de Nathan Schmidt 17 Noiembrie 2003
21 22