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People who annoy you.
Ohh. Naggers, of course. Naggers. Right.
de visual parfait 08 Martie 2007
1874 143
a black person who complains too much
the damn nagger wouldn't shut up so i just told him to get back to the cotton field
de stan 16 Februarie 2005
1603 675
A Term for people that annoy you
Look at that damn nagger crossing the road!
de The Real Batman 24 Aprilie 2007
882 204
People who annoy you.
I don't want my son hanging around with those Naggers.
de dbirider 08 Martie 2007
761 240
comes from the deep south, where that is how nigger is pronounced.
Josh: Thats mine nagger!
Dan(hes black):ima fuckin stab you...
de flyers89 10 Noiembrie 2004
738 360
Naggers.. reference to an episode of southpark where a wheel of fortune question was "People that annoy me" and the letters came up like: N_GGERS, and the contestant answered "Niggers", when it was actually NAGGERS.the contestant realises this and then says.. "Oh.. naggers.."
A blackman walks past you and your friends and one goes
"Oh.. Naggers!"
de Will Dunz 08 Mai 2007
555 197
People who annoy you.
"Niggers! Oh, naggers"
de DefaultGen 08 Martie 2007
396 164