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a name a group of people want instead of the "philippines"

they want to change the name into maharlikan instead of philippines because we already gained independance from spain, so we no longer need to be named after King Philip. King Philip was also a bad man. He was only 1/4th Spaniard. He died from syphilis. He killed thousands of muslims in spain. He was corrupt.

The name of our ancestors home, before the iberian colonialist took the land from rajah sulayman.

Why Maharlika? Maharlika is part of our ancient heritage and has been with us long before Western colonialists set foot on our shores. Maha is Sanskrit for noble or great, as in Taj Mahal, Mahatma (a great soul); the Taittiriya Upanishad of the Hindu scripture says Maha stands for the Self, that the moon that supports all the planets and celestial bodies, or the food that nourishes vital forces in everyone. Chanting Maha is to be one with the Lord, Maha is God Himself. The inflectional ending of Maharlika, Likha, is our own word for create, make, cause, design, breed, conceive. Maharlika therefore means nobly created, Gods creation, the Self personified, etc. The great philosopher-philologist-spiritual guru P. R. Sarkar said that Maharlika means a small container country containing great things people. Maharlika is a spiritual mantra, a divine name.

Philippines is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Once the Philippines get back on track to becoming a great nation. Changing the Name into Maharlikan would give it a good start.

yeahhhhhh sonnn..
Dude, theyre gonna change the name into Maharlikan?

Niceeee we're gonna be called maharlikans or maharlikanos
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de Christophurrrrr 15 Iulie 2006
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