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A wee c0werin' r0dent frae Sc0tland
There's a m00se l00se in the h00se.
de The P0ison Dwarf 26 Iulie 2003

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00:00:37 04:09:47
A 1337ed-up moose
j00 r1d3 t3h m00se!11
de Bastardized Bottomburp 21 Mai 2003
a big fan of matty's
Quote: 00:00:37 * M00SE strokes matty
Quote: 04:09:47 * M00SE snuggles up close to matty
de Anonymous 31 Ianuarie 2003
goat luvin person
<m00se> ummmmm goat fucking!
de Not Ross... 31 Ianuarie 2003
the w00tiest m0ther flucker ever hahaha

the 0wnz0rz 0f all u f00lz
m00se 0wns j00
de m00se 20 Mai 2003