The most passionate guitarist the world has ever seen. He's still rockin' from beyond the grave!
'fly on little wing'
de Isabella18 04 August 2005
a good person who had a troubled life with other people; a cursed life by most standards. He would not have liked anyone to anger any Gods out there, or anyone to put him in the list of damned rock stars, but his influence made great changes in his times, when black people would never have led white people around America during civil right riots, thereby he led by example of how black leadership could exist in the world, even with white people. He played the way he felt was most innovative, and created a sound where he thought the imperfections of the world matched with his playing abilities, and using the imperfections he made greater riffs. His music was inspirational to all leading guitarists at the time, and that must mean something( he did expand the realms of guitar playing not just by the way he played it, but by what he played with). He, like, everyone else from a poor background, did try to make money to survive, and trying to be popular is a way to survive so he did gimmicky things to make it work, even playing in his unorthodox way. He was great and different, and being different sparks controversy. It seems that there is always someone to argue the case of him being the greatest guitarist, but it is the greatest and not neccesarily the best. But why do these hard line haters of Jimi keep comin onto Jimi's website. You don't see this in other sites of the greatest people, like Elvis, Einstein or the Beatles. If you want to hate somebody, hate somebody worthy of that hate. People should not judge someone because they think they don't belong, as Jimi only seems to belong once he died, as he knew. Maybe the debate shouldn't be about Jimi but about the debaters. They seem determined to make his image a battle ground; seeing him as a target for abuse. He was only being himself and did what he could do with what he had. The summer of love may have been influenced by him too, and we should remember what he stood for, peace too, and why do some people miss that point. It is the image and the player and his principles, that made him great, even though you may not see it like that. He was always for peace and harmony.
Jimi Hendrix's greatness is shown by the age that followed him, the peaceful Monteray and Woodstock festivals and the fans from all races. He was,great, hopeful,good, positive,determined, and spiritual. We must remember the situations and difficulties he was under. His life story is astonishing and influential.
de RLee 03 Mai 2006
Jimi Hendrix is emortal. He is god descended to play guitar. If you say that Slash is better, you are a fucktard. A FUCKING RETARD!!!!!
Jimi's footprint is embedded on Slash's ass!
de Mac Daddy 22 Septembrie 2004
The man who created the ultimate soundtrack for the climax of the time that reshaped our nation into what it is today, namely the revolution of the 60's. maybe he wasn't the cleanest guitarist, maybe he wasn't always the crispest most perfect musician out there, but by god he played with more feeling than clapton or slash or anyone else ever will(not that i dislike them, clapton's definitely up there). and you can't say that he couldn't play the same things as them, he easily could with practice, like they had time to practice. he employed the imperfections and extra sounds and turned all the slip-ups he made into some sort of lick or effect. the amazing thing about jimi is that he made up on the spot some of the most difficult and influential licks in the history of music. there is absolutely no way around the fact that he is the greatest guitarist, even if he isn't the most perfect. That's why we'll travel by my dragonfly.
The Star Spangled Banner-Woodstock

The Purple Haze Solo-Woodstock(if you haven't heard it, you need to get a copy of "Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock)
de gypsys_child 29 Iunie 2005
The Master and Genius of Guitar, Played his songs with GOD LIKE EFFECTS
many 70s type music was inspired by jimihendrix even to this day. Its Possible that Led Zeppelin listened to jimi hendrix. The solo guitarist of metallica love jimi hendrix with a passion
de SexManiacOnARoll 31 August 2004
An inspiration to most of the greatest guitarists ever. Slash is good, but Jimi innovated the way he and others play.
Jimi's spirit lives on with other great guitarists.
de Saul Hudson 03 Martie 2005
The most iconic, profound, inventive, masterful and downright best guitar player in the history of music. No one came close to playing guitar like he did. It was never about how fast or how well he played (even though he played exceedingly well). It was about the special connection he made through his guitar and his listeners/audience. In effect, the guitar was to Jimi what Excalibur would have been to King Arthur - A profound expression of the power within one individual. Hendrix did many things that made his music so meaningful. Amongst these he helped to popularize guitar feedback... a technique which was previously undesirable at the time, not to mention playing it with his teeth, executing mind- bending solo's, and even evoking a personality within the instrument itself: for example during his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, where his guitar echoed the harsh nature of the Vietnam War through sound alone. He created a style of music which even to this day has remained unparalleled, and gave us one of the most awe- inspiring forms of music ever. Some of his most famous songs include Purple Haze, Voodoo Child, and his rendition of All Along the Watchtower. There will never be anyone like him again... and even if you did reach his playing standard, you still wouldn't obtain the expressionism, mind or soul he channelled into every performance. Long live Hendrix... we really could do with another time like yours in this day and age :/
Go watch Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner on Youtube... and if those last few notes don't send shivers down your spine, then you might as well have no soul...
de Firelovesugar 25 Aprilie 2009
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