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A really atractive afican american who is a good dresser, scholar, writer and man. This person is usually around the ages of 16 28.
Oh Joe is dressed really nice today i guess he is trying to be a jarren.
de Estafanie Vergas 14 Martie 2005
165 81
Sexy guy that no one can resist
That sexy guy must be Jarren
de This Is The Absoulute Truth 29 August 2010
79 25
A guy in a blue sweater and a grayish beanie
97% homo and 3% fag
A 1 incher pincher dick
a silk worm named jarren
de bonerific32009 14 Februarie 2014
4 9
an african american boy who likes chicken
"who ate all the drumsticks?"
"it was that jarren"
de Bidle Goobie 01 Martie 2008
58 81