1.A person who has sex with someone of the same gender.

the argument that homosexuality is not natural is irrelevant for two reasons. first because were not the only animals to do it, and second because being natural dosnt mean it's bad or good. Poison is natural, so are vitamins.

Unfortunatly there are alot of gay people with AIDS. But what of the heterosexuals with AIDS? Is god punishing them? That's like saying anything bad that happens is because God is pissed at you. Would you tell a child that was molested it was his/her fault because God is pissed?

de Jennifer93 11 August 2006
Someone who is attracted to the same gender romantically or sexually.
This is a group that is ridiculed quite often, and I will list a few reasons why, and prove that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. However, I will also refrain from insulting other orientations or religions.
1- The bible
Many people believe that they should hate homosexuals because the bible says it is wrong. I believe this is a misinterpretation. However, for those of you who don't, I still have reasons for you to stop the hate. For one thing, Homosexuality as a sin is equal to masturbation. They are both acts of acquiring sexual pleasure without the purpose of reproduction. I believe nearly everyone has masturbated before, no matter what their sexual orientation or religion. If you are catholic, you might argue that you go to confession after masturbation, so it's all okay. Well what about all of the non-catholics who masterbate? Are you going to hate them just because they did it without going to confession? I doubt it. And what do you think god would dislike the most? It is one thing to commit a sin, but to hate an entire group of people for it is far worse. Whether you think homosexuality is moral or not, I believe that god would appreciate it most if everyone could learn to coexist anyway.

2- "It's not natural!"
This is one reason that I understand the least. I'm definitely sure that my sexuality was something I was born with, therefore making it natural. You could say the same thing about someone with dark skin or slanted eyes, but it actually is natural, whether you would prefer it to be or not. However, many of you do not buy this and think it's an excuse or a cover-up. Just think about this... Why would a person pretend to be something that is so socially unacceptable? Are we doing it as a cry for attention? Maybe you should get to know an individual who is gay. Examine their common personality traits. You can tell from getting to know someone whether they are the type who is desperate for attention or not. If the person doesn't seem to be after all the attention, they might in fact, be gay or lesbian. Sure, many gays and lesbians seem to be a bit wild or harsh, but this isn't how everyone in the GLBT community is, and this is just a stereotype anyway. Besides any of this, is it really neccessary to hate someone for something they engage in privately? Whether it disgusts you or not, it isn't impossible to be friends with someone just because they are of a different sexuality.

Many people seem to think that aids is a way of punishing homosexuals. They also think that homosexuals are the ones primarily spreading HIV. This doesn't make sense, considering the origin of HIV, and the groups who are affected by it. AIDS was proven to be spread by apes, not homosexuals. Not only that, but many straight people have caught HIV, too. The largest amount of people who have AIDS are people in Africa. I am obviously not referring to homosexuals in africa. It is a disease that is affecting much of Africa's population today. How often do you hear about an AIDS outbreak in San Fransisco? I honestly don't think I ever have, other than from rumors started in the 80's before we new enough about the virus to make a valid decision on it's origin.

4- Other differences between gay and straight people
Homosexuals are commonly associated with odd behavior such as walking oddly or talking with a lisp. If you really think about it, isn't it a bit shallow to hate someone just because they act or look a little different? Other than that, we are only talking about a fraction of the gay community when we talk about behavior, speech, and appearance. While some gay men like to keep a more feminine appearance, others like to appear more masculine. While some lesbians look less feminine, many of them can be very girly. There are a lot of people who you would never expect them to be a homosexual unless they told you.

Male#1: I'm a homosexual.

Male#2: Me too!

Male#1: Wanna go out sometime?

Male#2: sure!

*hug and cute kiss on the cheek*

Homophobe: Eww, that's not natural! God doesn't like it, and you're going to spread HIV! You are TOTALLY different from straight people like me.

Male#1: I'm sorry that you can't accept me for who I am. However, I think you should look up "homosexuality" on urban dictionary and read more about it before you judge us.

de Pikachuuuu 18 Iulie 2008
A person who comes to the world being what he/he is. So they have no choice but to follow his/her instincts, and that is, feel love for his/her same gender. Homosexuals are the perfect example to explain human race doesnt understand itself as a race. Most homosexuals live lonely/depressed lives because society is full of ignorant people who don't understand the real meaning or morality so they reject them. The homosexual is normal person. Nobody knows why people keep saying they're human cause its so obvious they're human. Maybe the way people threat them is so fucked up some even doubt they might be human. When the homosexual discloses his/her status, he/she lost all of his/her friends and live a depressed, fucked up life. Society even stop these people from making their goals come true by denying then the rights to get certain jobs etc. Even if they're talented, just like me. Its fucking sad. The funny thing is they're born to heterosexual parents who hate gays, and even so, they end up loving his/her child even more because only that kind of love can push people into getting educated about the topic and by doing so, accept them. Education is the key. Say NO to ignorance, be a HUMAN BEING show respect for those who are different. Society is still a primitive and dangerous habitat for humans, especially for homosexuals.
Fred is homosexual, hes got lots of talents, but he was rejected for being homosexual.
de Chicago Bulls 02 Februarie 2008
A human being who is attracted to the same sex. Men who like men are usually called gay. Women who like women are usually called lesbians. There is nothing wrong with them. They are amazing people and studies indicate the homosexuals are more sucessful in life then heterosexuals.
Christopher Joseph Richard of Shrewsbury Massachusetts is a proud homosexual and came out a very long time ago. He is quite amazing.
de Christopher Couture 27 Iulie 2006
awesomely fun and funny people who have a different sexual preference from hetrosexuals. I do not like homophobic fuck shits. in fact they're all dog fucking,wank fucking, shit eating,narrow minded,piss drinking, mucus loving eraser eating, booger shitting, fart fucking, beastiality performing redneck, shit smearing, testicle-less, poo sniffing, dirty, stinky shitbags.
die homophobes. die. homosexuals are cool.
de David Nilov 07 Februarie 2008
A person who is attracted to a member of the same sex. Sometimes closed-minded people and religious asses ridicule them for being 'differant". Many are subject to nasty stereotypes aswell. Although, according to a report on ABC news, homosexuals on average have better educations, jobs, and lifestyles when compared to hetrosexuals on average.
My friend Steven just told me he is a homosexual.
de ~Ry_an~ 04 Iulie 2006
normal people with a regular view of life exept for the fact that they are attracted to the same gender in a more intimate way, although I say that the people who stifle someones speach just because they express a certain viewpoint is very bad, but likewise with people who purposly express viewpoints to offend other people, that is bad as well and this is the problem between homophobics and pro-gay or homosexual people that I commonly see a lot, I support gays I am also accepting of people who disagree with this movement, they can hate it, but they cannot have the priviledge to verbally harass or to phisically abuse them for their views likewise with homosexuals
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