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slang for having oral sex. used when making out, a guy/girl will say, "go down for me" instead of 'gimme head bitch'.
so did u go down on him?
de allkat 01 Aprilie 2004
1324 227
What an elevator does when you push a button for a floor that's below the floor you're currently at.
"No baby, we're at floor 69. We gotta go down."
de Insanity132 15 Iulie 2005
1221 475
oral sex
Can I go down?
de band geek 28 August 2003
599 273
to happen;

If something happened, it went down.
"Here's how it's gwon go down..."

"The whole thing went down in 1986..."
de Boogie Mayan 26 Februarie 2007
563 285
to suck a guys dick or to lick her pussy
go down on me
de bob 22 Iunie 2004
504 283
1. To perform oral sex.

2. To happen. Once an event has taken place, it can be said to have "gone down."
1. Brad: I hooked up with Katy last night.

Craig: Nice bro! Did she go down on you?

2. Kelly: Hey how was your weekend?

Katy: You'll never guess what went down on Friday!
de SmokeMadIzms 10 Iulie 2011
155 79
last name, don't confuse it with "go down", (meaning oral sex), get it straight
oh yeah, Ashley Godown is a cool chick!
de cracker 05 Iunie 2004
23 22