Any mechanical apparatus that a Godard has attempted to repair and instead caused it to permanently fail.
That incompetent mechanic G'd up my vehicle.
de mreverting 08 Septembrie 2007
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dressed to kill
that outfit is g'd up
de Stephanie 14 Septembrie 2003
Yall are way off. G'd up is being "dressed" G-angsta from head to toes, reppin your hood.
A LA Hoova Crip would wear the following;

-Fitted Houston Astro's hat
-any oversized open coat/top wit oversized white-T under.
-Blue dickies saggin with rag handing out the back pocket
-Belt wit "H" buckle
-Blue chucks

Now, sport this outside yo hood, and your st8 up, G'd up!
de Marcellaus 29 Aprilie 2006
1. Extremely pumped, charged or excited.
2. To be dressed like a G, that is wearing Gangsta like clothing.
1. We got G'dup before we went into town to kill people.
2. Going out fully G'dup.
de Diego 20 Noiembrie 2003
Said of a person that is all dressed up
G'dup from the feet up
de Kg 14 Octombrie 2003
When you are fresh and looking clean.
Man, you are looking gdup
de 1WithTheDark 09 Martie 2015
When someone dresses up in a pimpin way
If you see Kris with his £250000 jewels and mink coat he would be g-dup
de Torquay 21 Iunie 2003
The word for calling something awesome or kool
Bruh, that's G'd up
de BuffaloBeatdown 21 Mai 2011
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