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A person who is a weak ass pussy
that ain't bout shit.
look at that weak ass fuck boy.
de bretb 29 Decembrie 2004
2696 712
Pussy/punk ass dude, bitch ass *****, etc.,
You talkin all that shit, but when someone steps up, you act like a "fuck boy".
de TPJR 13 Aprilie 2006
1263 810
A term used by faggots to insult one another. Anyone who says it is a pedophile faggot, simple as that.
A.) some faggot on rapgenius just called me a fuckboy.

B.) probably some pedophile alter boy.
de WordRepoMan 17 Iunie 2013
844 602
used in the dirrty south it means a nigga you dont like.i heard it on the 99 problems but lil flip aint one retaliation song by T.I.
you betta raise up and clear outta here here fuck boy.see fuck nigga
de zxulu tha big lip bandit 04 Noiembrie 2004
866 782
The fuckiest of the fucks, a "fuckboy" is the lowest possible form of the vile, degenerate waste pouring from the proverbial asshole of society. Calling some a fuckboy is the verbal equivalent of the orally penetrating their mother, their dog, and their girlfriend in the span of approximately 3.94 seconds, and is only to be used on people who make pre-school slurs like "fucker" and "cunt" look like tokens of sainthood.
JARRET: Hey, fuckboy!

COP: What did you just call me?

de Natedawg Pedanski 17 Februarie 2014
42 25
acting like you got it all.
always throwing salt in someone elses game.
Cock blocking.
Hey man I didn't hit that, because old fuckboy told her I had a woman already.
de Delvechio Coburn 04 Aprilie 2008
108 104
A poser who acts like he does drugs and says he gets "head" from bountiful bitches when in fact hes just a lame bitch ass fool who trys to act all that
Ever heard of that nigga named rio? Hes a major fuckboy.
de Fucknigga471 15 Iulie 2014
3 2