another way of saying "I give up" or "I forfeit"
This question is too hard, I French
de mozes 26 Februarie 2005
louis a short french guy that is someone's booty call.
You smell like a french louis.
#frenchie #kermit the frog #baguette #croissant #francais
de Koolio Kid 13 Mai 2008
To ask for free food, or to basically snake anything:- from dinner to a bedroom.
"Oh man, Tom totally frenched that sandwich"
#french #snake #paul #scab #wrong #commendable
de Paul O Donughue 05 Mai 2009
Oral sex, on male or female.
She gives good French.
de HeavyPooner 29 Aprilie 2005
a derrogatory term created by people from ocean acres. if your french your not really wanted and everyone hates you.
Barone is so french. He was born under the eifel tower he will get married under the eifel tower and die under the eifel tower.
#eifel tower #fag #ocean acres #assmonkey #splunker #homo
de tgunz-toph 12 Decembrie 2007
a word used in substitution for the commonly misused words gay and retarded which by using, one can avoid the harmful stigmatism attached to the previously mentioned words which often attach the state of being gay or retarded with a negative connotation
Dude, that chem exam was super french!
#french #gay #retarded #france #uncool #awesome #cool #the bee's knees
de Eric McCloskey 22 Decembrie 2007
simply another word for the term 'gay'
commonly used by todays youth to imply that something is homosexual
"dude thats so french"
"that shit is megga french word 2 yaw mumma"
"jamie oliver must be a frenchman, listen to that accent!"
"whered you get that pink shirt from? france?"
#gay #homosexual #crap #shit #cum #man to man-sex
de jonking 11 Iunie 2008
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