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whuz tha dizzel, muh nizzel?!
de `Pac` 19 Septembrie 2003
a bunch of dick heads
Man that Elevatror Clan is a bunch of dizzles
de Mike (the Boiler) 30 Aprilie 2003
having listened extensively to the african-american / hispanic etc musical phenomena known as hip-hop it can be pretty much any word beginning with D
you get it dizzel-face
de roco 02 Februarie 2004
Snoop Dogg's Word... See Chizell, Nizzel. Means dick, cock, penis, willy, etc.
Suck my dizzel! For Chizzel my Nizzel! Snoop Doggy Dogg.
de Joe 02 Aprilie 2005
its a dick
you dumb ass
she sucked my dizzle
de nawney420 23 Iulie 2003
A short slang name of Andy.
What up An-dizzel.
Stop being a dizzel, dizzel.
de tbone 18 Septembrie 2003