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DGB stands for dick gravy bong. It is a beer pong but instead of guzzling beer one guzzles dick gravy... also know as semen
Male: "how much jizz did you take in the DGB?"

Female: " about forty loads"
de Big Nasty 125 30 Ianuarie 2010
11 2
Don't Get Boner
Person 1: She's hot
Person 2: DGB
de JoooCeeee 05 Decembrie 2011
3 2
Similar to and AGB, the During Grog Bog can prove to be very entertaining. Not usually as stenchful and satisfying as an AGB.
Slurred: "Exsssscuse me, could yous please hold my beer, DGB on they way. Have I ever told you I loves you..."
de blind 19 Octombrie 2003
8 10
1. A new Paintball team that is winning everything there is to win.

2. Extreme Commitment

3. To win
"DGB just pwned the whole tourny!!!"
de Drew- Co Captain Of DGB 21 Iunie 2004
3 17