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a person who can't do shit on his own so he steals whats left over such as: old girlfriends, pick-up lines, raps, copies your artwork etc.
Yo that Tyrone is a fucking crumb snatcher son!
de It'sMeBiatch 21 Decembrie 2010
84 42
another word my mom uses for "child"
Get out of here, you little crumb snatcher!
de itsmaddylol 26 Martie 2011
61 38
people that often bum smokes, accept many gifts from you then harrass you about five dollars you owe them, people who hit two lines when you clearly made them one. also, people that never bring chicks to parties but will instead try their luck on yours.
nah dont call DOOLY, fuckin crumbsnatcher yo.
de LouisLogic 25 Ianuarie 2011
21 7
Young child, toddler, rugrat.
Tracey had a couple of crumbsnatchers to look after, so she quit her job at Coles.
de Jenesis 12 Septembrie 2004
32 21
an endearing term used to define small children
My little crumb-snatchers just love my chocolate chip cookies.

Come here, my favorite little crumb-snatcher.
de sberg64 27 Octombrie 2007
14 11
kids that eat there parents food
i'm tired of having to feed these crumb snatchers.
de Suga Brown 15 Aprilie 2004
17 19
A surfboard of exceeding length and volume designed to catch just about any crumb of a wave that is out there.

Also, any longboard.
"It's been flat for days, time to pull out the crumbsnatcher"
de surfarmer 24 Martie 2012
2 5