Top Definition
calculator i'd like (to) function
Man that TI-84's a cilf
de Mr. <B> 19 Octombrie 2009
Cartoon I'd like to fuck
Betty Rubble is such a cilf
de Assweepay 11 Mai 2004
Cousin I'd like to fuck
During a family reunion, you run into a cousin who you had not seen in years. She is about your age, and he hotness compensates for the fact that she is a relative. You still wanna fuck her! She is a CILF!
de Doum 17 Aprilie 2007
Cereal I'd like to fuck
Mum, did you get more of that CILF? my bran flakes seem to be all "yoghurty" now.
de davenotdave 18 Noiembrie 2004
Corpse I'd like to fuck.
I was walkig the morgue when I stumbled upon a room full of CILFs
de yo momma 01 Noiembrie 2003
celebrity i'd like to fuck
kanye west
de spamee 09 Mai 2004
Cheerleader i'd like to fuck
A: woho look at that girl
B: jeah, that's Thao, she is a cheerleader
A: what a CILF
B: Jeah lets bang her!!!!
de haakki 21 Martie 2007
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