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A name for a girl, preferably an extremely hot girl, that you find pride in just knowing her.
de anonymous 03 Martie 2003
1357 361
1.-Chica = girl
2.-Chica = small, little
3.-Chica = young
1.- Donde esta la chica?
Where is the girl?
2.-Esta blusa es muy chica
This blouse is very small
3.-La niña es muy chica
The girl is too young
de gab 16 Ianuarie 2005
570 245
A hot spanish girl
Take a look at that chica. Damn those latinas are fine.
de JeSsIcA 05 Iunie 2003
514 288
Spanish word:
a)noun that means "girl"
(even though English speaking people think it's used to call a hot chick, its meaning has no connotations, so it can be used both for pretty or ugly girls)

b)adjective that means "small", "little"
(the male use is "chico")
a)Esta noche salgo con las chicas.
(Tonight I'm going out with the girls)
Ella es una chica y el es un chico.
(She's a girl and he's a boy)

b)Esa remera es demasiado chica, cambiala.
(that t-shirt is too small, change it.
de Melfistofeles 27 Decembrie 2005
340 160
an endearment girl friends use for each other
Hey chica what's up?
de AnjewlnWhite 23 Aprilie 2009
186 123
Two mean and badass bitches who love to cling together and brag about there friendship. "Chicas" will reject any member who trys to join their group and will mock that person for the rest of there life for even trying.
Jill: Hey girl can i use your drivers ed notes?
Amanda: Sorry gurl i cant, thatd be cheating!
Jill: But we are chicas..
Amanda: omg your right! you can have em!
de vhizzle 06 Iulie 2012
12 18
Sexy Spanish girl
"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i want that sexy chica's ghetto booty, and tanned body against my LD!"
de ILoveRicanBooty 19 Septembrie 2003
175 184