The type of guy who doesn't flex, attempt to demonstrate his self worth in obnoxious or superficial ways, but instead exercises real life control; without announcement, or for the sake of publicity.

The type of guy who gets lots of pussy quietly. This is because he is usually more intelligent and more sophisticated than the average alpha male and therefore is more strategic in pursuing his goals- short and long-term.

If a beta male is particularly good looking, or charismatic he is usually, is primed to be a babe magnet as this combined with the previous make for an intriguing and alluring character for women. for this type of super-beta male, It is ironically common for them to fuck the sister, cousins or girlfriends of well known alpha males in smaller social circles. Because of to the secretive and reclusive nature of the beta. The beta is able to away with this because he's smart enough to keep his mouth shut, and move stealthy though out a social circle while the alphas pride themselves on announce their sexual aversions openly.

For example, most people would classify the spy 007 (James Bond) of as an Alpha male , but when looking more closely at his traits and attributes he and most stealth assassins are defiantly Betas

another illustration: Due to the alpha males overly aggressive nature Alpha males are most likely to become a pimps, while beta males more smooth and laid back nature make them more poised to be more of a players.
when it comes to life many alpha males are loud and attention seeking therefore exposing themselves to their enemies and loosing the war, while the beta males sit back calculate and collect payment, and interest on the back end.
de Dr. Knowlege 21 Aprilie 2016
A man who is obsessed with trying to convince everyone around him that he is an alpha male. Beta males are the most violent and aggressive of all men. Prisons are filled with beta males. A true alpha male never needs to convince anyone, doesn't care if he is one, and might not even know it. The genuine admiration and respect that a man receives from other men, due to his good character, intelligence, and leadership, is what makes an alpha male. Beta males will never attain alpha status by demeaning other men. Women who are attracted to beta males share the same poor character and low self esteem.
beta male: "do you want me to go beat up that creepy guy that keeps trying to talk to you?"
woman: "sure"
de iyhnALEX 13 Martie 2014
A beta male is a male who buys into the feminist lie that men should be subservient to women. He believes that being submissive to a woman, caring, and gentle, will result in her returning his affection. He believes that he must buy women things in order to garner their attention. He does not understand that women desire confidence and willpower in a man.
Pete was a beta male because he bought the girl he just met at the bar a drink, making his subservience to her clear. He won't be getting laid tonight.
de Jay Hammers 27 Februarie 2010
A man that is unsure what to do next, yet willing to do it, whatever it may be. Usually a man that is waiting for direction from a woman because he is under the delusion that he will get a lifetime of pussy for being there for her, whenever, where ever...essentially missing the point of being a man.
Dave opened the car door and said, "sorry honey, I couldn't get over here faster, I had to first put the car in park, then shut it off, unbuckle my seat-belt then open my door and I could only run so fast to get to you. So sorry. Where do you want to eat honey?"

Karen, (thinking--"Shut the fuck up already you Beta Male") stewing, then says, "I told you I wanted Mexican, how many times do I have to tell you?"
de Dick Grayson II 04 August 2010
A totally typical male. Most definitions here are wrong: betas aren't particularly sensitive or even meek, they just are much more follower than leader.

Plenty of insecure, pushy, loud guys are betas: most frat boys (especially the toady), most Ivy Leaguers, most football players, most Tea Partiers, most suburbanites, most rednecks, etc. Since they 1) don't have followers they aren't alphas and 2) don't have much of a mind of their own aren't gammas.
Steve thought being pushy and obnoxious made him seem like an alpha male. He couldn't be more wrong. Since no one gives a shit what he thinks and he's always following what Glenn Beck says, he's pretty clearly just an another beta male
de proudly gamma 26 Martie 2011
A beta male would be the exact opposite of an Alpha male. First, notice that beta male isn't capitalized like Alpha male, and that is for a reason. beta males are plagued with anxiety, insecurity, and are all around dominated by their peers. beta males are unlikely to ever find success, mostly due to their lack of confidence and insufficient sexual demeanor.
Woman: "That beta male couldn't even keep his dick up for thirty seconds, I need an alpha that could keep it as hard as steel."
de WartburgMan13* 11 Ianuarie 2012
A clingy, moody, and sometimes feminine man in both his mannerisms and habits. Strangely, women can't resist their puppy dog eyes and quirky charms.
Her Friend: I KNOW! He's a total beta male!
de Esperanza Burrito 29 Aprilie 2009
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