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When a baseball player has had a hit or a walk every time he has come up to bat.
Even though Barry Bonds is batting 1000, he still won't get the batting title.
de Spaz 08 Noiembrie 2003
27 24

Words related to batting 1000

1. 100 % success against tremendous odds.
2. a perfect score
1. On this mission the Astronaut realized with the completion of the task he was "batting 1000".
2. I aced the test, won the competition, and became champion.
de keli kear 08 Noiembrie 2003
62 23
I haven't missed a point all quarter in Calculus; I'm batting a thousand
de The Rabid Definer 08 Noiembrie 2003
18 29
From baseball, where you always get a hit and never get out...or for dumbasses, it's being perfect.
de Anonymous 08 Noiembrie 2003
14 33