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A man who proceeds to "accidentally" slip his penis into a woman's anus while having vaginal sex from behind.
Craig furthered Susan's suspicion that he was a backdoor bandit when she felt his cock try to slide into her anus while doing it doggie style.
de Dexaw 10 Martie 2008
52 5
an asshole fucker
shes a strap-on backdoor bandit.
de 8===D~~(_(_) 28 Aprilie 2003
61 24
a person who prefers the arse of a man to the flange of a woman
my mate Nathan O'Brien is a Back Door Bandit
de James Taylor 06 Noiembrie 2003
53 17
he usually appears in teh #bbv and wanst to make the other nerds believe that he is a girl. but all nerds do know: there are no girls on the interwebs.
"hi leute, ich backdoorbandit bin ein mädchen wollt ich ma pics sehen?" "nein,f resse du frauenfake"
de bows3r 15 Aprilie 2009
37 7
someone who likes it up the ass
mty teacher Mr Douce is a back door bandit
de jono 07 Septembrie 2003
29 18
One or a group of persons who jump someone and proceed to stick their penis in that persons anal cavity
Jeff: Man you look like hell.
Steve: I got jumped by a gang of backdoor bandits.
Jeff: Oh that's why your not sitting down
de elliot 06 Aprilie 2005
11 6
An alcoholic drink containing Gin, Vodka, Triple sec, Tequila, and Southern Comfort + Coke. Basically a Long Island Iced tea with SoCo instead of Rum. Named the "backdoor bandit" because after drinking a few of them, the drinker has the tendency to enter "accidentally" through their girl's "backdoor" during late night fornication sessions.
"Ryan, how many backdoor bandits have you had tonight?"
-"I don't know man, but I do know that I'll be knocking on you-know-who's backdoor later."
de lmstbh 11 Iunie 2010
8 8