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Those kids who hate everything that is popular and make themselves like things that everyone else hates in the hope that it will make them stand out and be "original" or "unique." The kind of person who instead of jumping off a cliff if someone else did, would jump off a cliff if everyone else said it was a terrible idea.

Not to be confused to with nonconformists, who choose their own tastes uninfluenced by others.
Joe: "Hey Mary, have you heard the new Katy Perry song on the radio yet?"

Kara: Oh my GOD that song sucks! Who honestly listens to that crap?"

Joe: I know, I hate it.

*Kara walks away*

Mary: She's never even heard the song before. She just hates it because it's popular.

Joe: Wow, what an anti-conformist.
de Holcjohn 28 Iunie 2009
An anticomformist is someone who tries so hard to not be like anyone else. This includes rejecting any religious belief, and engaging in arguments, because they do not want to appear to be conforming.
As there are so many people trying to anticonform, anticonformists in a way are conforming.
de JeSuisuneanticonformiste 10 Septembrie 2010
Someone refusing to be classified as a single group. People of anti conformity do what must be done to confuse society into not labling them in any one group. Cross multiple styles of emo hardcore punk goth prep EX.
Only anticonformists ignore peoples thoughts about them.
de Kipper0214 18 Octombrie 2007
people whom do not do things because of the media or poplurety and don't whant to be described as one steryotype for they every one is differnt and they do not feel they whant to be compared to the rest of the sociaty some times thes gets confused with genras sutch as punk, emo, and goth but some anticonformist belive them to be in this genras at ther true meanings

punk = different

emo = this is not a person but a genra of music so shut up it is Emotional Harcore

goth = thos whom find love in death
I Belive in my self and my heart tells me what to do not you for i am a true Anti-Conformist.
de evan pozder 28 Decembrie 2008

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