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According to Chris Rock, this is what you would say if you were an organ donor, died, were brought back to life, and no longer had any eyes.
Chris: "Momma, where my eyes at?"
Mom: "Well, honey, you died so we gave them to a kid in Rwanda"
Chris: "Aint that a bitch."
de Flight23 08 August 2006

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atb a t b a.t.b. crap damn fml fuck shit stupid sucks sucky situation unfair why the hell wtf
another way of saying,"How ironic!"
Dude: Man, I saved up $50,000 for that new plama, only to find out that they don't sell it anymore.

Chick: Ain't that a bitch!
de Spontania 27 Aprilie 2008
a comment describing something as "sucking" or being bad
Zac: yo i gotta vagina and a dick dude

Grant: aint that a bitch
de G Will 22 Noiembrie 2004