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British slang for "actually"
I'm acc so happy right now.
de Pseudojimzz 19 Octombrie 2010
73 17
ass cunt connector. similar to the abc, ass ball connector, but on the female.
Jim: Then i moved up from her asshole across her acc to her cunt.
Bill: What the hell is an acc?
Jim: It's a girl's ass cunt connector.
de Dancar 26 Noiembrie 2007
62 50
Abbreviation for 'actually'.
It turned out that he was acc. going out with three girls at the same time.
de Bouncing Rat 01 Octombrie 2007
15 4
Atlantic Coast Conference the best college conference in the US esp for basketball!
UNC is going to win the ACC championship this year
de raebaby8706 06 Februarie 2005
75 75
A slut
She's hot, but I bet she's a CC
de Monty Python Obsessed 25 Mai 2014
1 4
Acronym for A-Cup Club, the group where most teenage girls belong with their flat-chested bodies.
"dude, you like that kylene chick?"
"yeah, she's so hot"
"..but she's in the ACC"
de hotstufffff 16 Martie 2008
33 38
Formerly known as the Atlantic Coast Conference, now known as the Aint Crap Conference especially when it comes to football
Did you hear that Virginia Tech lost to James Madison? Virgnia Tech? They are in the ACC Aint Crap Conference.
de bamafan 21 Septembrie 2010
18 25