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A combination of "yo" and "hello"
Chris: Hey mike
Duke: YOLO
de andregrant13 02 Iulie 2012
Drake fans: you only live once.
Christofer Drew fans: you only lotus once .c;
de haiguise 27 Februarie 2012
Means "You Only Lotus Once".

Lotus referring to the giant lotuses on Christofer Drew's butt. But of course, Christofer defies the law and lotuses twice.
Hipster Chick: Y.O.L.O!

NSN Fan: Christofer Lotuses twice.

Hipster Chick: The fuck?

NSN Fan: Ugh, just go away.
de lovethelotus 26 Februarie 2012
You Only LOVE Once
Damn, I'm really feeling this girl right now... YOLO
de shabba15 24 Februarie 2012
Going to pound town and getting a titty consultation, all within 72 hours..... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.
"I'm getting bigger tits and I went to pound town, I'm living by the term -YOLO-"
de Jasmine's life 12 Februarie 2012
some who is down for that taint.
Jason so is yolo!
de oedipussdfsdfsdf 04 Decembrie 2008
It means "yo" or "hello"
Yolo Ishmael its Chris and John
de Ishmael 23 Martie 2004