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An insulting term literally meaning 'waste of space'. It can be used in whatever circumstance to get the message through that you do not hold a very high opinion of somebody.
Janaiya: F***, man, Mr Brennan kept me back after school. Waste man, he is.


Leshay: Ai, man! Don't touch me, you waste man. Nobody likes you.
de Whoremonger 14 Aprilie 2008
31 34
When your known as Niren
Look at this gay waste man
de what is my real name __? 12 Decembrie 2011
7 12
teddy van boort.
waste man , in this case. a boy who fcuks girls over, mainly the entire brampton population.
de fuckklove. 15 August 2008
21 27
bunch of peeps that are all basically pricks or wont do someyhing for you when you ask them
oi wastemans, wasgwannin wastemans, oi wastemans keep it shut
de Killer Cartel 14 Octombrie 2007
12 18
noun. To be a person who does not go outside during the light of day to go see his best friend(s), due to the reasons of just sleeping and being bored.
When a man is so waste that he doesn't even go outside. Waste man right there.
de unlabelled_ 11 Octombrie 2012
0 8
plural of wasteman
to be very drunk as a group
"let's be wastemen!"
de Sophzz 16 Aprilie 2008
4 15
A man who hunts women, gathers children and does not provide
'He's just a Waste man'
de Lisa Duxbury 28 Noiembrie 2007
25 40