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Usually used describe effeminate men or males who lack valor; a cross between a twat and a pussy.
Ever since Joe got married, damn, that dude has become a f'ing twussy.
de G-Tat-Money 15 Septembrie 2007

Cuvinte înrudite cu Twussy

pussy twat cooter courage effeminate fine hot men sexy teen vagina
teenage vagina
"Hey man lets go to the movies to pick up some of that tight twussy."
"Nah. I ain't looking to get arrested again. That last girl was way too young. "
de Bob (The King) Costas 13 Ianuarie 2013
The perfect girl- A combination of "twat" and "pussy", when one of the two words does not do the girl justice.
Look at that fine twussy over there... WOW.
de tstew 12 Iunie 2010