Suicide doors are automobile doors that are hinged on the edges closer to the back of the vehicle. The name refers to the danger of such a door being hit by another vehicle while parked at the curb--slamming an open door shut with enough force to kill.
The 1966 Lincoln Continental in <i>The Matrix</i> had Suicide Doors.
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de my whip has homocide doors 04 Ianuarie 2006
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Suicide doors refer to car doors that open in the opposite of the regular direction - hinges are at the back and the front of the door opens. Many cars before WWII had those and now it is a popular conversion on tuned trucks. Suicide doors are considered far more dangerous than normal doors because of the possiblity of opening during movement.
I am thinking of converting my truck to suicide doors
de Darkwise 14 Iulie 2004
Automotive doors that hinge from the rear edge of the door instead of the leading edge. They acquired the "suicide" nickname due to the fact that if the door was not fully closed and the occupant tried to open and reclose the door while the car was moving (which for some reason was once common practice), the rushing air would catch the door and pull it open violently, often pulling the person still holding the door handle out of the car.
Grandpa told us that Uncle Wilbur was run over after he tried to shut the suicide doors on his 33 coupe and was thrown out under a truck. He was never the same after that.
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de frnkly 25 Decembrie 2005
A car door whose hinge is near the rear of the car rather than near the front of the car. So called because it tends to fly open if caught by the wind (especially in the case of poor panel fit or an open-top car that does not channel air efficiently) rather than shutting right away, causing the car to become unbalanced at speed and leading to numerous other possibly fatal results, such as the car being thrown to one side and crashing or an occupant thrown out of the car.
They used to put suicide doors on a lot of cars in the '20s, but now we know better.
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de Airrider 10 Octombrie 2009
A four-door car with rear doors that are hinged in reverse.
The Lincoln Contintals of 1961 - 1970, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, and the upcoming Lincoln Continental retro car (yes, you read that right).
de Ryan Thompson 11 August 2004
A door in a building on the second floor or higher leading outside that probably had a balcony or porch at one time, but now leads to nowhere. A door like this where there is something soft at the ground to cushion your fall does not count as a suicide door.
If you're going over to my aunt's house, watch out for the suicide door on the third floor.
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de Pumble 24 Septembrie 2005
The best fucking company by and for minitruckers! It is owned and operated by Jason Thorbecke with help from his brothers Adam and Luke. They are located in Francisco Indiana. They sell everything from sheetmetal to complete air ride suspension setups. If you need parts for your mini look no further.
noob: hey i want to make my truck lay frame where should i buy my parts from?
educated person: duh Suicidedoors of course.
noob: thank you for showing me the light.
educated person: no problem my young friend.
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de caffeine21 18 Ianuarie 2006
Doors such as those on pickups, the Honda Element, etc. that are double and open in opposite directions. So called because of the supposed danger of falling out while the vehicle is in motion.
I tried to open the suicide doors on my Element while it was on the Golden Gate Bridge.
de David G. Epstein 10 August 2004
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