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when a woman grebs a penis tightly till the helmet throbs
the missus gave me a good squeezer last night on the job.......right on the vinegar strokes too!!
de ginger 10 Aprilie 2003
360 195
A tight aggressive poker player. Plays conservatively but aggressive. Is known to trap with big hands.
The Squeezer trapped the donkey for all his chips sending him to the rail.
de Go Speed Go! 22 Decembrie 2009
115 58
A handjob that involves a tight grip of the shaft.
People are starting to recognize me. A stripper offered me a squeezer last night dude.... a WHITE stripper!
de WesLeFevre 17 Iulie 2009
155 128
A hand job. When another person (hopefully a girl!) stimulates a man's penis with her hand(s) until the man ejaculates.
"I got a squeezer from an Indian girl on a bunk-bed, so I think I got the whole Harvard experience." Frank - 30 Rock
de Pericot 04 Februarie 2012
39 33
Note to white people:
Hood Slang for Gun

Person A: Yo you got the squeezer on you?

Person B: Nah bro i left that shit at home!
de Alltheanswers 18 Martie 2014
2 2
Wanker, usaully applied in a non-literal manner.
Steve-"Robert is giving me the shits. He borrowed $20 and said he can't pay it back, but he just bought a new car, he is a trainee and tells me how to do my job and he only talks about how hot his misses is and she's a dog!"
Greg- "what a squeezer"
de Stevwoodius Bogan 2 05 Aprilie 2009
66 68
naturally large breasts
"did you see the squeezers on her?!"
de bampop 02 Mai 2008
10 13