Suck em And Fuck em Sydrome.
I caught SAFS from slapping that girls ass with my hand.
de Victor Braga 10 Noiembrie 2006
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Sexy As Fuck
That girl is SAF!!
de euchre_11 04 Septembrie 2010
Abbreviation for Stoned As Fuck, a term used by Marijuana smokers.
1. 'I'm SAF bruv, whatchu saying?'
2. While exiting the room "03" he realized how SAF he was.
de O3Gulf 20 Octombrie 2011
sexy as fuck
Girl 1: Have you SEEN that new Johnny Depp movie?
Girl 2: Mmm, girl, he is S.A.F.!
de Ace93 25 Septembrie 2011
That 1967 Chevy Impala is saf
de TessaLynnK 29 Martie 2014
Sexy and Fuckable!
God that guy is SAF!!
de Pembs101 22 Noiembrie 2011
Looking at all these couples around me made me realize something... I am S.A.F
de hostess69 24 Iulie 2011
Salty As Fuck
Hope and Kean were SAF when they got ditched!

Feeling pretty SAF when i missed the game winning shot.
de mzilllllaaaaxo 21 Decembrie 2010

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