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Go back to the old way, even if the new way is so much better and more efficient.
Revert that program back to COBOL, C# is just way too cool for this process.
de katmax 24 August 2010
18 3
Someone who used to believe in one thing (Christianity, for example) and who then became a Muslim. In other words, someone who returned to the religion (Islam) that Allah gave to all humantiy.
I became a revert 10 years ago.
de Karen Hanson 17 Ianuarie 2004
47 38
a retard/pervert hybrid
the ignoramus revert molested another child right in front of a security camera.
de isdd 23 Ianuarie 2011
12 10
Write back, reply: in other words divert my attention back to you. Indian English
I will revert to you in due course. (sign-off for a business letter)
de Scalytail 23 Mai 2005
31 38
A recidivist pervert.
William was a sick revert...he couldn't resist the urge to expose himself to interns.
de harry flashman 09 August 2003
10 19
to pinch a loaf whilst facing the wrong way on your toilet (facing the cistern)
omg i just hung a fat revert
de eadmofo 07 Aprilie 2005
2 16
A person who is very stupid/ignorant. Someone who does not understand anything, or is a loner.
Anders is such a revert.
de Gilpin 02 Octombrie 2003
2 21