Top Definition
Are fun to play with.
"I like to play with penises."
de Fuck Ass Finnemore 12 Decembrie 2003
Zakainen's feeble attempt at communicating with humans.
Zakainen@#aochat: Zakainen says, 'Penise.'
de Renko 18 Iunie 2004
Long, Soft, Hard edible substance, also great for the hard to reach areas.
I had a great taste of that Penise, then i used it to scratch my Clit.
de Jason Something 15 Iunie 2003
a sucker for girls cums in diffrent flavers
de .... 25 Septembrie 2003
Posh for knob.

The above is an obscure reference to Harry Enfield or something.
"Penise?" "It's posh for knob."
de super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ 22 Septembrie 2003
Can be used to describe something that is either really good or really bad.
We went on a road trip last weekend; it was penises man!

I hate work. It's PENISES!
de D-lo 06 Iunie 2003
A French penis
The French Guy a un petit penise
#penis #dick #cock #third leg #french guy
de WungHungHigh 04 Martie 2009
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