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feeling fine. doing fine.
" Hey, how are you doing?" " Oh im just peachy"
de Vamptress 22 Iulie 2003
564 113
1. A slang word for thats great.

2. Or a un-enthusiastic way to say "wow thats wonderful"
1. Thats just peachy!

2. sally: Hey i went to the mall today!
george: wow, thats peachy.
de the nifty pear 25 Iulie 2005
412 201
Interesting. Amusing. Tasty. All-around good or wonderful. Shortened version of peachy keen.
"Go see this movie. It's absolutely peachy!"
"Everything's peaches with me. How about you?"
de Luna 15 Martie 2003
228 142
Means great, funnest when used sarcasticaly.
"You OK?" he asked

"My boyfriend dumped me, my dog died, my car was totalled, and I nearly got run over. I'm just peachy!" She replied
de SupernaturalChick 31 Iulie 2009
137 93
the feeling you express sarcastically when you're extremely pissed off and its obvious, but some douche bag still has the balls to ask you how you are.
I'm so fucking peachy, I would got GREAT in a fruit salad.
de bowlafruit 07 Decembrie 2010
107 66
It's a way to describe any mood that you are feeling at the point in time, it just depends on how you say it
teacher- "You have to read the whole book for homework"

student- "That's just peachy"
de (SHELLIE ~ DORK) 31 Mai 2007
104 85
A self-absorbed young hottie whose boyfriend clearly does not spank her enough.
Peachy is a cocky little bitch but my god she's hot.
de Mungenflange 12 Mai 2011
27 31