Nerdfighters are just like regular people except instead of being made out of bones and tissue and organs and exetra they're made out of awesome. Nerdfighters fight against suck and fight for awesome. They fight using their brains, their hearts, their calculators and their trombones.
"I'm such a nerdfighter!"
"I believe in awesome, hate suck, enjoy being a nerd and have watched all of the 500 vlogbrother videos!"
de Musique_Nerdfigher 15 August 2009
Typically a white, american, suburban, middle class teenager with below average social skills and an obsession with certain children's books/tv series/and video games that they maintain well into their twenties and thirties (probably longer though it remains to be seen).

To give them credit, they have managed to achieve things as a group. Most noteworthy being, raising money and awareness for many charities during the Vlogbrothers annual 'Project for Awesome'.

However, they are unable to describe these achievements as 'doing something good' or 'being a nice person' like you would expect. Instead they like to employ their pretentious, irritating and painfully unfunny catchphrases 'decreasing world suck' and being 'made of awesome'.

Ultimately they are harmless people, who try to do good in the world but go about it in the most obnoxious, styleless and cringeworthy manner I have ever had the misfortune to witness.
Normal Person: Yeah, I volunteer at the Homeless Shelter on weekends.
Nerdfighter: Thats so cool, you are made of awesome! DFTBA man! Lolol don't you think I'm quirky and adorable?
Normal Person: I'm going to leave now.
Nerdfighter: *goes to write quotes from a John Green book all over their shoes or some stupid shit*
de gkljgkjg;h;hl;h 21 Septembrie 2011
someone who fights world suck. are made not of bones and ligaments and stuff, but of AWSOME!! anyone can be a nerdfighter. also, being a nerdfighter DOES NOT mean that you fight nerds (as in hunt them down and kill them) for more info on nerdfighters and other awsome things, go look up the vlogbrothers on YouTube.
boy 1: that girl is such a nerdfighter
boy 2: oh yes she is! we should be nerdfighters too!
de lovethatchartjackerssong 31 Decembrie 2009
Nerdfighter: Any dedicated John and Hank Green fan who knows that fighting for nerds, not against them is the right way to live. They enjoy being uncontrollably excited and they know that growing up is the option, not growing old. Tuesday and Fridays aren't just days to them, they are days when they "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!"
If you see a person who is uncontrollably excited about the price of soup and they make two Spock signs with their hands and place their arms across each other, they are a Nerdfighter.
de Lizard27 07 Decembrie 2015
Typically a young person (high school-college age) with a socially awkward personality, high intelligence and a strong interest in many offbeat topics and media.

To give you an idea of their awesomeness, they have managed to achieve many wonderful things. Most noteworthy being, raising money and awareness for many charities during the Vlogbrothers annual “Project for Awesome”, raising $10,000 for the This Star Won’t Go Out campaign (a cancer benefit fund), and lending over $1,750,000 to entrepreneurs in developing countries on Kiva.

However, they do not describe these achievements as “doing something good” or “being a nice person” like a boring person would. Instead they employ their quirky, inventive and highly amusing catchphrases, like “decreasing world suck” and being “made of awesome”.

Ultimately they are terrific people, who always strive to do good in the world and go about it in the most unique, brilliant, memorable manner you will ever have the fortune to witness.
Ordinary person: So what's a nerdfighter, and how can I become one?
Nerdfighter: A nerdfighter is a person who never forgets to be awesome and helps to get rid of all the suck in the world. It helps if you watch videos on the vlogbrothers YouTube channel, but chances are, if you want to be a nerdfighter, you probably are one.
Newfound nerdfighter: Fantastic!
de SortingHatsAreCool 19 Ianuarie 2013
Nerdfighters fight for nerds not against them, similar to a freedom fighter. The goal of a Nerdfighter is to reduce the amount of suck in the world, otherwise known as worldsuck. Unlike regular humans, who are made of flesh and blood, Nerdfighters are made of awesome.
Nerdfighters will rule the world someday.
de flooid_fish 28 Ianuarie 2011
A person who on the inside instead of being made of bones and stuff is made of awesome.
John Green, Hank Green, and co. are all Nerdfighters.
de ReadingRaven019 19 August 2011
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