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The basic name for the Half-Life 2 modification Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod is a construction mod and MingeBags typically ruin the game. MingeBags are often referred as assholes, 12 year olds, and n00bs. Most often they will join your server or game and generally fuck up your constructions.

Extreme caution is recommended when allowing these users to join your game.

"Goddamnit, someone kick that fucking MingeBag! He keeps killing everyone!"

de j4s[p] 08 Iulie 2005
"MingeBag" is the default player name in the HL2 Mod "Garry's Mod" (Now sold as Version 10, Version 9 Is no longer supported)

"MingeBags" were players who either through choice or lack of knowledge did not change their name. They would usually join a server and spam the spawning of large objects often crashing servers. However prop limiters prevent this nowadays. They would also destroy or interfere with other players creations.

Pontus, "Notorious, world-known gmod comic maker extraordinaire." was quoted: "Moron with a zero-point energy manipulator attached to groinal area"

These people, are of two "Classes" the generally innocent newbies (see "newbie") and those who are out to ruin the fun of everyone else.

Generally there is no time to tell the differences between the two and rivalries occur between players and "MingeBags" resulting in the server becoming a Deathmatch.
Example: Go play garry's mod and join a server under the name "MingeBag"


"Here, Wanna help me build a fort? I help MingeBags :)"
de Adam Taylor (A.k.a ViralHatred) 16 Ianuarie 2008
Garry's Mod slang for noob. Due to the default name of a player being 'Mingebag', and joining a server not knowing how to change it. Minge is a shorter version.
Man, that lindemann person is being such a mingebag, he keeps DMing me.
de Nietsmmar 30 Noiembrie 2007
1. A noob who screws up your Half-Life fun online , usually a little kid

2. A star in the Half-Life 2 mod movie 'SOFA KING'
Mingebag: LOLI broke your super awesome ultra mega fighting robot statue

Sofa King
Mingebag: I bought a sofa from Sofa King because I didn't know how to spawn one, ROFL
de Edlim 13 August 2006
A name once used in the HL2 Mod Gmod9. Garry Newman originally was just fucking around with people giving them a joke to laugh about. Eventually people named mingebags came to be concern during MW1 (MingeWar 1) where mingebags began a full gauge advance on servers in mass number attempting full domination over the lone mod (Seems to be described in War OF The Servers). Eventually do to massive conflict arrising and, UGM coming out Garry Newman finally stopped the conflict by making a deal with Valve and created the official Garry's Mod with better protective systems then the lone mod.
Mingebag Class Table

Class 1:
Just scream into the mic usually innocent

Class 2:
Spam HlSS genreally the Counter Strike noob

Class 3:

Spams props and crashes servers

Class 4:

They are the War of the server wannabes who have a lua code that can fuck your account please be aware these ones also attack in mass numbers genreally dont get noticed by log files which is unknown on how they do so.

Please be careful out their boys and girls.
de JoeSkylynx 26 Ianuarie 2009
The word "Mingebag" comes from the Half-Life 2 modification, "Garry's Mod" by Garry Newman. This word basically means a person that is new to the game and does not know how to play. Often, mingebags ask questions that are very simple to answer.

Why was this word created? Back in Garry's Mod 9, the name you would have set to your player by default would be "mingebag", until you changed it in the options, so everyone knew what to expect. Now, in Garry's Mod 10 that has changed. The players now decide who is a mingebag. Usually it's a little kid, someone who spams, or just one who doesn't know how to play the game.

Nobody really knows why Garry decided to use this random word.
Mingebag: "Hey guys! How are you floating in the air like that?"

Mingebag has been kicked by console. "Mingebag".
de Plabnose 24 Februarie 2010
The default name in the Half-Life 2 mod, Garry's Mod.Mostly, people with this name in Garry's Mod are kick from a server as soon as they join, moost of the people with this name are newbies, and will ask about a lot of stuff in the mod.On the Garry's Mod forum people call each other "Minge bags" when what they say is totaly wrong or stupid.The Minge Bag is almost always shown as a "Dr.Kliener" model with his arms in the default settings of most models in video games (arms out, legs together), for rigging and animating, with a gravity gun in the middle og the model and part way inside the model.The start of Mingebag started in the 1st versons of Garry's Mod that were mutiplayer, because the only way to change a players name was to use the console command "Name", and to change the model was the command "setmodel".Most of the time, people who go to mess with servers will have there name be minge bag because they never change there name because they only fuck with people, and because most mingebags never play single player 1st to learn how to play.
"A Gmod game when a Mingebag Joins"
Mingebad has joined the game
Grunt-Ban him
Mingebag has been banned

"A Gmod game where a minge is not banned and is a newbie"
Mingebag-How do u fly?lol? whats this do?? lol1!11!
Grunt killed by minge bag
admin-minge bag stop, play single player 1st
mingebag kills admin
Mingebag has been banned

"A Gmod game where a mingebag spams"
Mingebag-lolollololol lololololle erszdasfas
---An error about the game crashing---
de Ilikehl2 11 Iulie 2006
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