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A semi-wealthy town, comparable to most towns in westchester county, right in the beginning of putnam county. Originally, Mahopac was strictly a vacation town for wealthy people from New York City. Now, it is a fully active suburban town teeming with soccer moms. It is a town known for nothing more than its beautiful lake, great lacrosse program, and its fruitful abundance of the delicious vodka called Popov.
I spent the majority of my senior summer wasted on lake Mahopac.
#lacrosse player #westchester #yorktown #popov #carmel
de Mahopac Maniac 16 Noiembrie 2006
A middle class suburban down in Mahopac, New York, named after the once toxic lake in which the students of the middle school currently reside. It is a uncultured town, filled with Guido Italians, pot smoking skater kids, and snoody rich white folk. Joe Torre once lived there while he still coached the New York Yankee's but since his career was going to the back nine, he moved, leaving the town with its only source of interest. What remains is a large group of teenage children who are usually bored and think that by drinking alcohol in their parents basement, hanging out at the Stop And Shop, or the McDonald's parking lot gives them some sort of "cool" factor. They fail to realize that this is just a precursor to their eventual downfall in society. Basically, it blows.
Tom: Hey Sean, you wanna go to McDonalds?

Sean: No, we'll probably see Vinny Pot's and Pans or some retarded pot head sophomores from Mahopac there.

Tom: Man this town sucks. Let's go to JV.

#mahopac #carmel #putnam county #blows #pot head #guido #bitch ass
de LocAsian 24 Martie 2009
a middle-class town in putnam county new york where there is an exorbitant amount of guidos, druggies and just an assortment of uneducated and uncultured people. The public school systems used to be fairly decent, but every year they get worse, especially Mahopac High School. However, there are a good amount of decent people, but the town in general is boring, uneducated and undeveloped, much unlike the very nice westchester county to the south.
Unfortunately, most people in the town do not yet posess the knowledge that they live in a shithole.

mahopac: noun
shittiest town in the planet.
#putnam county #new york #carmel #shittyville #guido
de arc9292 13 Octombrie 2007
A suburban town in upstate New York filled drugged up/std ridden students who have conservitive republican and racist parents
I saw a sharpie up that cheerleaders nose! she must be from mahopac
#shithole #drugs #racist #std's #slut
de cullenlover88 23 Februarie 2008
semi-wealthy community in weschester/ at the beginning of putnum county. known for its good wrestling team and std ridden students
I wouldn't hit that shes from mahopac.
that skanks from mahopac.
#weschester #putnum #mahopac #mohopac #pac #maho
de kdog67854321 19 Aprilie 2007
Small Town in Putnam County, New York. 3 main elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. Very amazing place to just chill. They have the best people on the planet there.
Taylor: Where should we go on vacay?
John: How about Mahopac? its cute and quiet.
Taylor: good choice.
#ma-ho-pac #putnam #carmel #small #quiet
de Sophiee. 10 Aprilie 2007
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