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1. Politicans

2. Lawyers

3. Celeberites
President Bush is a liar.
de Dere 25 Noiembrie 2006
23 21
a person who lies because they think that they become cool.. n who lie to their frends so they could hang out with their girlfriend.
see mark - a liar who doesnt feel bad about it
de xunoeitx 24 Martie 2008
4 9
Dishonest. Media spin-meister. a liberal. Michael Moore
Only a liar would fill you head with liberal ideals to get you to vote for a Democrat.
SoberVoter and Ben Dover
de I'm the real Ali Baba 18 Mai 2006
22 27
1. A human act that brings pleasure to all that use its divine power.

2. A description 'ugly women about to go lesbian' use to describe all men without realsing themselves, that all men see when they look at her is a one stop spunk dump.
Ugly woman about to go lesbian(UWATGL): Every man i have ever met is a total liar

'Friend': now now, I thought clives description of your arse being the size of a bill board was pretty accurate.

(UWATGL): True maybe not all men are total liar's.

'Friend': And Pete was right about your face looking more like a bag of broken biscuits than a welders bench.

(UMATGL) : Okay, Fuck Off
de MickLinge 16 Martie 2006
9 15
Someone that does not tell the truth like Prudence.
She said she loved me but she didnt, therfore she was lying.
de wristslicerMorgan 15 Aprilie 2004
11 18
To create an un-truth intended to misdirect others in an attempt to trick them.
Jessica is a liar because she says rugby is cool.
de Nestleee 11 Mai 2008
2 10
bandit lying about everything
i'm getting adsl tomorrow
de Zim aka Chris 16 Aprilie 2003
6 17