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To get someone pregnant
Amanda got knocked up because Jimmy didn't use protection.
de startenhash 21 Octombrie 2003
980 171
to get pregnant; an unplanned pregnancy, unwanted.
fuck yo! i just knocked up this bitch, now i gotta pay child support!
de master p 03 Martie 2005
613 256
To get a woman pregnant, perticually un-planned, un-wanted or in wedlock.
Ironicly, my radical femminest english teacher came in knocked up today.
de BigFishyBob 25 Martie 2007
336 198
to get someone pregnant, generally unplanned.
jack had sex with with me, unprotected and now i'm knocked up..
de smile.- 25 Noiembrie 2008
186 96
To impregnate a lady..
"Lucy got knocked-up by Jeff.."
de Leeeeeeena 07 Septembrie 2005
91 20
1.When a man gets a women pregnant, usually not planned.
1st person:
Hey Jessica you look sad what wrong?
2 person: Well, I'm pregnant!
1st person: "oh shit girl you got knocked up."

de MariiJane 24 Aprilie 2009
138 84
"Knocked up" is slang for "Impregnating"

Though it is generally used negatively, in certain "ghetto" settings, it is a compliment to tell a girl her boyfriend knocked you up. No one is sure why, but many believe it is a compliment for implying that said boyfriend is attractive/sexually potent.
"You're flyboy got me knocked up/impregnated me"
"Thanks, girl! He is a looker!"
de mj tragic 06 Februarie 2014
9 1